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Welcome to The Mousse Image and Sound Archive! Here you will find a growing collection of Mousse-sama pictures and sounds! I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

If you haven't looked already, you should take this time to now. Like I mentioned on the main page, Mousse-sama sings (As shown in this picture) and has a band named DUCK which consists of Kunou (drums), Ranma (guitar), Ryouga (also guitar), and of course, Mousse (vocal). Of course.. this isn't what you would call a good sounding band, but... ::shrugs:: what to do about it?

Bye-bye.gif - Mousse-sama leaving...?

Mousse.jpg - Poor poor Mousse! EVIL EVIL SHAMPOO!! Hmph!

ShaMouss.gif - How romantic! Shampoo, Mousse, and champagne!

Shammy.gif - Awwww.. Chibi-Shampoo stepping on Chibi-Mousse

Muu-Duckie.jpg - Muu Muu-chan! He is such a kawaii duck, no?

MuuMuu-chan.jpg - A very kawaii picture of a worried-looking Mousse-sama.

Mousse-extra.gif - A tiny picture of Mousse-sama riding a bicycle.

M0pj34ts.gif - Ara! That's hard to write! Ooh, how can Mousse-sama cary those blades without cutting himself?!

M0pj33tj.gif - This is a very nice picture of Mousse-sama in both his regular and duckie form!

BucketOFun.jpg - Oooh, buuucket... ::snickers::

Cute.jpg - I know Meh-ri was talking about Shampoo and Mousse when she named this file for me, but forget them! I love that cow!! ^_^*

Jusenkyou.jpg - Man I really hate that stupid guide. Ah, but Mousse has such beautiful eyes!

Shock.jpg - If you found cute.jpg funny, then you'll love this one! If you didn't, you'll still find it amusing. Maybe.

AkaMousse.jpg - HELLO! Mousse and Akane.

Mousse2.jpg - Duuuh, what do you think!?

KunouMousse.jpg - Kunou, Mousse, and Tendou Soun.

Smirk.jpg - *Sigh* Mousse has such beautiful eyes!

ShamMou.jpg - Nooo, not the WHALE! Yeesh... ^_~

MousseRyouga.jpg - A manga scan of Mousse and Ryouga! Teehee, Ryouga has such cute little fangs! ^_^

RyoMous.jpg - Ryouga and Mousse again! Teehee!

AkanMou.jpg - What's this? An invitation! Ara!

AkanMou2.jpg - Mousse and Akane or Russian spies? You pick.

Hehe.jpg - Ranma really is pathetic, isn't he?/p>

Bath.jpg - Waaaiiii!! Mousse-sama to Ryouga-sama wa totemo kawaii desu yo!! ::swoons::

Happym.jpg - Ooh! ooh! Pick me! Me me me!

WrongPerson.jpg - Ano, Akane-chan, have you put on a little weight? Say, about a ton?

SoySauce.jpg - Ah, the joys of shopping!

RunLittleMan.jpg - "Shampoo! Matte kudasai!"

OlympicMousse.jpg - Next up for the 100 meter dash-- Mousse!

MrMousse.jpg - "Don't YOU give ME and lip, you.. you.. Statue!!"

Mime.jpg - Trapped in an invisible box..?

Ara.jpg - Ara! Shampoo!... Chotto.. If YOU'RE Shampoo, then who is this??!

Mousse.wav - "What did you do with Shampoo, you dried up Monkey!?" Hehehe, "Who's dried up?"

More Mousse Images to come soon, as well as Mousse sounds!.. When I am done being lazy, that is ^_^*
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