Ranma Nibun no Ichi : Zettai no Gekisen

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Welcome to the webpage deciated to my Ranma 1/2 continuation fanfic: Zettai no Gekisen. In case you're wondering, which you very well may be, "Zettai no Gekisen" translates as "Unconditionally Fierce Battle". This fic introduces one new character, Mujouken Aikou (family name first!), who is a childhood friend of Ryouga and Ranma.
The name of the fic is meant to be both ironic and a play on the meaning of words. Both "Zettai" and "Mujouken" mean "Unconditional" .. But whereas "Gekisen" translates to "Fierce Battle," Aikou literally means "Love."

Anyway, this fic takes place during Ranma and Akane's senior year of high school. The Prologue, however, takes place during the time when Ryouga first learns the "Bakusai Tenketsu" attack from Cologne.

Well, that's about it for stuff about the fic. If you neglected to read the main fic page, I'll let you in on a little secret. Occasionally, throughout the work, you will encounter Japanese words which appear to be links. This usually happens the first time the word appears in the fic.
They do indeed work as links, links to a dictionary page of Japanese terms used in the fic, but, if you have Netscape 4.0+ or M.S.I.E. 4+, you will not need to click on the links. If you mouse over the links, a box will appear, with a definition of the word. Here's an example for you. "Dou Itashimash'te, Ranma-kun." Kasumi replied, smiling.
Did you see the little box? Good! If not, and you're curious as to the word's definition, feel free to click on the word. The link will open up a new window and take you right to that word.

Picture of Ryouga to go thereEnough with the talking! Let's get on with the fic!

Ranma Nibun no Ichi : Zettai no Gekisen

Prologue : Never-ending Story
Chapter 1 : If I Could Turn Back Time
Chapter 2 : Omoide ga Ippai
Chapter 3 : Sayonara, Cologne! Sayonara, Shampoo!


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