Lost Pictures.. Found!

Lost Image Archive.. Found!

P-chan and RanmaWell, considering you made it here, I suppose this image archive really isn't lost, is it? Waaah! I was so alone here before! I'm glad you came!
Anyway, a little about the scans on this page. Well, I was bored and all alone (As I usually am. I don't call it the Lost Shrine for nothing! ^.~), so I took out trusty ol Mr. Graphic novel #8 and some of my Chinese manga, and made some scans! So, any manga scan you see on here is done by me! Well-- that explains why the pictures aren't too good. But hey-- at least they're a bit on the original side! The screen captures were made for me by my good friend Meriko-chan. She's sooo nice!! Sankyuu, Meriko! Go marry Shoun! ^_^ Well, anyway, take a look, and have fun!

Aiee.jpg - Akari! What are you doing on Ryouga's bed?!
AkaneRyouga.jpg - Ranma daydreaming about Ryouga and Akane getting together.
Bwee.jpg - Shampoo and Mousse find kawaii little P-chan
MousseRyouga.jpg - Mousse-san and Ryouga-sama team up!
Mr_Ed.jpg - 'Please do not talk to the horses.' Hehehe!
Oooh.jpg - Ryouga and Kunou's fight rudely interupted!
OhHappyDay.jpg - Aww!! Akane agreed to go on a date with Ryouga! He's so kawaii!
Ryoga01.gif - Gotta love those fangs. ^_^
RyoMous.jpg - Another Ryouga-Mousse teaming up thing.
Ryouga.jpg - "Oh Akane! I lov-- hey wait.. you're not Akane! Saotome! I'll kill you!
RyougaFly.jpg - This reminds me of Ten'ou Haruka's song 'I Wish I Were The Wind'.. in a funny kind of way.
RyougaSnow.jpg - Ryouga-sama out in the snow.
SleepingBeauty.jpg - Akane makes a good Prince Charming, ne? *giggle*
Struggle.jpg - Akane, or this crazed woman who looks kinda like Ranma-chan? So hard to decide..
Dark.jpg - Ryouga-sama creeping around in the dark.
Doko.jpg - "Ittai koko wa doko nan ja?!" aka "Where the hell am I now?!"
HeartBeat.jpg - Aww, Ryouga-sama looks like his heart is going to jump out of his throat! Ikes!
Missed.jpg - Ryouga-sama gets a fist-full of pillow
Nervous.jpg - "Do you want to go on a date with Akane or NOT!?"
NoseBleed.jpg - Ryouga-sama gets a nose-bleed after Ranma shows him Ukyou's chest.
Owch.jpg - P-chan takes a bite out of crime... Okay, so it's Ranma, not crime. Close enough!
Smack.jpg - Ukyou weilds her almighty spatula.
Solemn.jpg - A solemn, somewhat sad looking Ryouga-sama
DragPrincesses.jpg - Lalala, they make such pretty girls!
RyoDrag.jpg - Nurse Ryouga attacks!
RyoDrag2.jpg - Tsk, tsk, Nurse Ryouga. Don't you know that 'ladies pinch; whores use blush'? Hehe!
RanToRyo.jpg - Ranma and Ryouga
RyoHuh.jpg - 'What the hell is that?'
RyoUcc.jpg - Ryouga and Ukyou.. Kawaii couple!!
Bath.jpg - Mousse-san to Ryouga-sama wa totemo kawaii desu yo!
RyoRanSo.jpg - What I wouldn't give to be a spoon right now... ^_~
RyoDay.jpg - Oh happy day!
Wha.jpg - What the hell??
Cymbol.jpg - Ryouga plays the cymbols! Kakkoi!
Ryougasama.jpg - Ryouga-sama and his trusty umbrella.
LD40.jpg - Ryouga-sama riding Shirokuro. Kawaiiso!
GoodFang.jpg - Saa, Ryouga-sama wa totemo bishonen desu yo! Kyaa!
StupidRanma.jpg - Idiot Saotome! How dare you insult Akane!
Smoosh.jpg - Ukyou and Ryouga make a good team, ne? ^_^

Well, that's all for now! More to come soon! Questions? Comments! E-mail me! I need attention!
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