Ryouga Sounds!

Welcome! In an attempt to bring you more Ryouga, we bring to you...... Sound!!! There are currently only 5 sounds, but be patient! There will be more!!
Now, enjoy!

  • Bakusai.wav - "I can feel it! Bakusai Tenketsu!!"

  • Break.wav - "Ranma Saotome! Today is the day I shall break you!"

  • Bwee.wav - Buuuu~~ki!

  • Glass.wav - "Sorry, Ryouga, but it's Ranma that I love." ; "Okay, so she wouldn't say that. If she did, my poor heart would be... It'd break into a thousand pieces! Argh! Farewell, Akane!"

  • Hero.wav - "I can't lie to myself any longer, Akane. I can't give you what you need. I try to block it out, but in my heart I think I've secretly begun to hope you lose. Farewell, Akane. I'm going off on a long journey, to clear my mind. At least this once, *I* get to be the hero... -- It must be my destiny."

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