((**Note** Anything in bold is a flashback. Anything italicized is music. Thankies. ^^)) BTW.. this deals with a subject that is very shaky, because of religion-- reincarnation. I myself do not really believe in this type of thing, but I thought it worked well for the story. Tell me what you think when you're done reading.


~The Dance~
Yet another pathetic story by Tiarra. ^^;

Love. For some, it blooms into an everlasting happiness- a unison of two souls, who have finally found eternal happiness. For others, it fades over time, and is almost forgotten. Sometimes, even when love is meant to be, it fades away through time, and is never rediscovered.. Or is it?

This was the night that she had been waiting for all of her life. From the very first time she had played in her mother's makeup, to the time she experienced her very first kiss, she knew. This dance-- this song-- is what she was born for, this moment held the meaning of her life. And, it was about to start.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The DJ announced from the side. "Here's another slow song for you love birds to enjoy! An old classic indeed!" With nimble fingers, the DJ popped the CD into his system. "Enjoy!"

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars...
Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars...

The young girl's date for this special dance, the Prom, took her hand, and gently led her out to dance. Holding her close, in a tender embrace, he led her across the floor in a fluid, truly beautiful motion. She smiled as he led her, enjoying his company, enjoying the dance. But... Something seemed wrong. This was the right song, but there was something not quite right about it.
Then, she saw him.

Across the floor, among the others, danced a young man that she had never seen before. And yet... Somehow, she felt that she had known him forever. And the feeling became stronger as their eyes met.

In other words, hold my hand...

She saw him-- this mysterious stranger-- through the eye of her mind. The colors, and the life around her seemed to fade in that moment. She was standing with him in front of the old school that was torn down some 5 years ago. It looked so new, not like the crumbling, disheveled mess that she had known it as. The young man smiled, holding out a daisy to her. She took it, and he put his other hand over hers...

The young girl blinked as she was twirled around. The vision passed as she lost sight of the boy. She shook her head, then rested it against her date's shoulder.

"You know," she heard one of her friends comment as they danced past, "I hear that 70 years ago, there was a horrible accident at the old Winston High that was torn down some years ago. The boy who had been named Prom King was accidentally hit by the car of a student who had gotten drunk." Her other friend gasped. "Oh, how awful!"

In other words, darling, kiss me....

Once more the world the young girl was in faded. The mysterious man walked down the hall with her, hesitantly holding her hand. She smiled shyly as they walked out of the school, and down the street. Stopping a little ways away, they hugged, ready to go their separate ways. Slowly, ever so slowly, he put a hand under her chin and gently leaned in. Their lips met. It was her first kiss.

She remembered this as if it was yesterday, but.. She blinked, in obvious surprise. That wasn't her memory! Her first kiss had been quite different, and with a different person!
"Are you okay?" Her date asked, face twisting slightly into a frown. "Oh yes," she replied, "I'm sorry." He smiled at her, "It's okay."

Fill my heart with soul, let me sing forever more...

"They announced the king and queen. They were a young couple that had been together since their first year of high school. She walked up to the stage, knowing that her love had just gone out for a few minutes to get something from his car. They waited, and waited, but he didn't show up."

She stopped in her tracks, hearing murmurs.
"Where could he be?"
"I wonder what happened to him?"
"Look at her, poor dear. Up there all alone. To be abandoned-- on prom night of all nights!"
"And just when they were announced King and Queen, too!"
She couldn't take it anymore. Throwing down the flowers, and crown she had been given, she ran. How could he do this to her?! How could he leave her like this! Everything had been going so well. She ran to the bathroom, overwhelmed with tears. The sting her heart felt was unbearable. She rummaged through her small purse.

"The prom queen killed herself. She slashed her wrists using a pocket knife she was holding for her boyfriend." The girl telling the tragic tale announced.

You are all I long for, all I worship and adore...

"Ladies and gentlemen! It's time to announce this year's prom queen and king!" The student body president announced over the music. "And this years queen is..."
It was her! She couldn't believe it! Her escort hugged her in congratulations, and she walked quickly to the stage which was set up in the room. It was beyond her wildest dreams. "And our king is...."
A murmur escaped the crowd. Him? Him of all people? Sure, he was handsome and smart, but he was so quiet! It was unbelievable.
She had no idea who this man was, until he walked towards the stage. It was the mysterious man who had caused all of the turbulence in her memory. Slowly, he stepped up to the stage. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long." He whispered so only she could hear. She had never met this boy, but she *knew* what he was talking about. "It's our song." She replied. "Do you remember?" He nodded. "Shall we dance?"

In other words, please be true....

He took her hand, and led her out to the center of the dance floor. Suddenly, the familiar faces and familiar setting around her faded. Different, yet familiar people, and a different, but familiar place replaced the others.
She pressed against him as they danced. He held her tightly, never wanting to let her go. For so many years.. His soul had searched for her, but until this night, he had never had the chance to dance with her. Never had the chance to show her how much he loved her. He had died without her knowing, she had thought he had abandoned her, but he hadn't. And he never would again.
He twirled her around, and led her around the dance floor. The band was playing their song. She smiled, and rested her head on his shoulder.

In other words, I love you...