Only In My Dreams

Is it true that when you fall in love

You still feel empty inside?

Why is it that whenever I look into your eyes,

I see nothing but a dark, lonely void?

When you fall in love,

Aren't things supposed to change?

I know you can see me, though I don't exist to you.

What is it about love that scares you so?

For once, let me hold you--

My arms ache to intertwine with yours..

For once, let me be with you--

Give me a chance to love you again..

I know in my heart,

You do love me, too...

If we both feel this way,

What is it that's holding us back?

Only in my dreams are we together;

Will it forever be this way?

The taste of our first kiss..

The passion is gone,

But the memory lives atop salty lips..

Pull me out of my fantasy world.

Say that you love me again.

Make true, once more, the love we shared

Which is now only in my dreams.