Fan-Art Etc.

Fan-Art Etc.

Hello, and welcome to the corner of my web page dedicated to fan-art! This page is basically for my good friend Meredith, since she does so much drawing, but there is more to this than the art of drawing! This page also includes the art of poetry! And many other things! Please have a look around, and perhaps even E-mail me and tell me what you think! Have fun! Ato de~!

Fan Art

Lum and Shampoo - As Puffy (by Meredith)

Ukyou and Ryouga -Also by Meredith

A Self Portrait by Jinzouningen Juuhachigo

Mirai Bulma Also by Juuhachigo

Fan Poetry

Fan art comes in many different types, and poetry is one of those types! Below are various pieces of free-verse poetry. I hope you like them!

Poems by Me:

Kawaiikune - Ranma

Ranma no Baka - Akane

Nee, P-chan? Nee, P-chan.. - Ryouga

Amazon Law -Shampoo

Blue Thunder - Kunou Tatewaki

Money, Friends, And Kunou - Nabiki

Blinded By Love - Mousse

Poems by MiraiBulma:


Son Gokou

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