marron.jpg - 
Marron is the person I truly am, 
with no holds barred.
She also has a striking resemblance to myself
(as far as the character I've created her to be
is concerned), so I have placed her picture
on this page. I have thought about changing
my name to Marron when I am 18. Perhaps, then,
when I look into the mirror, I'll see myself,
and not some facade. [name]: Tiarra Koma Wantz

[b-day]: May 26

[zodiac sign]: Gemini

[chinese zodiac]: Year of rooster

[Shichisei zodiac]: Namame, of Genbu

[age]: 17

[birthplace]: Las Vegas, Nevada

[current local]: Las Vegas, Nevada

[note]: People from "Nevada" pronounce it "Neh-vaa-da" and people from out of state most often call it "Neh-vah-da." You can always tell an outsider by the way they say the name of your state.

[descent]: Japanese, German, and the rest bloody American. I'm a white girl. >:B

[however]: Despite being German and English, I only show "AzN PrIdE," as well as love for the land of Australia, which fascinates me beyond any other place on this planet.

[occupation]: Student. Cashier/Clerk at Sav-On Pharmacies.

[likes]: I don't like much. Danny Hong, my best friend in the entire world. He will always come first in my heart. Anime, defenitely. Poetry, Poe, and Shakespeare. Gothic decor and music. David Duchovny. Drawing, writing, webpages, computer graphics. Tattoos. Hair dying. music. Magic and the Craft (mostly black, but I'm trying to "lighten my soul" and convert to white magic).

[dislikes]: People. Ignorance.

[instruments played]: Piano, French Horn, Viola. I hated the French horn, I suck at Piano, and I want to take up the viola again.

[few friends in life]: Danny, my best friend, you will always be first and foremost in my heart. Always.
Emby Quinn, my mother (of the heart) and her beloved, my father (of the heart). Kali, Brandy, Scott, Amy, Cullen, Ron. These are truly the only people I consider my friends (Not counting OL people, of course).

[personal status]: One day, I will find the Shin Jin Ten Chi no Sho (I know it exists, because Seimei has it!) and I will attempt to escape into the book world, which I know is far better than ours could ever be. Then, I will marry Nuriko or Chichiri na no da. I'm totally serious here.

[my dream]: My dream has always been to be like my hero, Patrick Stewart-- that is, an incredibly refined and dignified person, who is also a magnificent actor and part of the Royal Shakespeare Company of England, which admits only THE best Shakespearian actors.

[my future?]: I wish to finish school, majoring in computer science and art. My new ambition is (and has been for quite some while) to design video games for Squaresoft of Japan.

[stuff I want]: I would like a tattoo of the Chinese character "Willow" right above my left breast. I found it wonderful that Danny, too, wants the "Nuriko Tattoo"-- now, we can have matching tattoos. My other best friend (she is the only person I care about ALMOST as much as Danny) and I want to get matching ring tattoos on our left ring fingers. I would also like to talk to Leonardo DaVinci, and learn to improve my drawing skills. If only...

[computer used]: Packard Bell Multimedia Pro 770. I've had him for 3 years now.

[quotes]: "So obtenebrated, like the shadows. So darkness-enshrouded, like the silver suffering of my solitude. I am bitter."
"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. " ~ Edgar Allen Poe

~ M i s c . ~

[favorite video game]: Final Fantasy Tactics. It's a game of strategy and tactic, with a wonderful plot.

[favorite animes]: In order: Fushigi Yuugi, Galaxy Express 999, El Hazard, Aa! Megami-sama, Bakuretsu Hunters, Cutey Honey Flash, Evangelion, DBZ/GT, Ranma Nibun no Ichi, Seera Muun, Gundam Wing, Shamanic Princess, Vampire Hunters/Dark Stalkers, X/1999, And maybe Escaflowne. Haven't seen enough of it to know.

[favorite foods]: Japanese and Italian cuisines, potatoes

[favorite musics]: Aerosmith, Third Eye Blind, Metallica, Marilyn Manson. Lauryn Hill, Fugees, and, yes, even the Backstreet Boys. Japanese J-pop/Anime - Field of View, ZARD, DEEN, SHAZNA, Malice Mizer, Megumi Hayashibara, Chika Sakamoto, Aya Hisakawa, GooGoo Dolls, The Yellow Monkey, Puff Daddy (heh heh ...), Natalie Imbruglia, Green Day, Reel Big Fish, Monica, and many more...

[Favorite School Subject]: English Comp./Literature

[Strong Point]: Writing, making up songs and poems. Sometimes, drawing.

[Weak Point]: My hatred for people often leads me to ignore them and what they're saying. However, most of what people say to me is pointless and ignorant anyway, so I suppose it makes no difference. Also, my weak point is extremely bad gramatical structure. I hate it when I'm talking to someone on AOL, and someone will say something such as, "Hi tiarra, how're you." Argh, that annoys me so much! Ah, well.

Well... that's it..

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