What's New?

  • 01/13/98 - Well... besides this page... -.-; There have been some things changed around! First of all, guestbook on main page! Wow! o.o; Oh yes, I've also started the "It Should Have Been II" page. Right now, it's just the introduction. I don't want to put up anything besides the main page yet. It's going to be a surprise. ^.^ I've also begun work on the Chichiri temple.

  • 01/21/98 - "Aiyah no Da! The Temple of Chichiri" is up! Tripod is messed up, so I had to put my images on the main page. I hope to give the images their own page soon. =P Dummy tripod!

  • 01/24/98 - I added my Tomodachi page, just to make my friends feel oh-so-special! ^_^;

  • 02/04/98 - Tripod wasn't being stupid, so I've fixed the Chichiri page up! There are two image pages, which can be accessed from the main page.

  • 02/07/98 - Links page updated! New background on the main page too. I'm thinking about giving up on the whole web page business and tearing the whole crap-tacular thing down.

  • 04/09/98 - The Chichiri Shrine was remodeled! Yay! Fun.

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