~November Rain~
Something Pathetic by Tiarra. ^^;

"Good night..."

I smiled up at him, the moonlight laying dark shadows across his face. Gazing up at him, I can see the gentleness in his eyes. He is so strong, yet so gentle at the same time. I pull myself closer to him, not wanting to leave him.

"I want to stay.. Just a few minutes more.. I want to be with you, Gen-chan." He wraps his arms around me in a loving embrace, and smiles softly down at me.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath, loving the gentle fragrance he possesses. Burying my face in his chest, I let out a long, content sigh.

"Ranko... My darling, darling Ranko.." He sighs, holding me a bit tighter. Opening my eyes, I look up, just in time to watch the moon dissapear-- engulfed by countless dark, billowy clouds. He too looks up as the light in the sky dissapears, then looks back down at me. He smiles, his little fangs protruding, and my heart melts. I have to go soon, but I can't. His eyes have locked onto mine, and I am stuck in them, like a deer caught in headlights.

Suddenly, a thousand cold tears touch my face, as it begins to rain. I blink a few times, a bit shocked-- my trance broken, and my Genrou laughs. "Wha... What's so funny?" I manage to stammer, looking up at him bewildered. "Nothing, my love." He assures me, "Nothing at all.

Once again, he pulls me close, shielding me from most of the rain. His hair seeps with the icy water, and sticks to his face, covering his eyes. Ever so gently, I move my hand up, and sweep the wet, tangly hair from his face. "Arigatou." He whispers as I caress his cheek. Our eyes meet yet again, and everything becomes silent, save the rain, which spatters a soft melody against the ground and Genrou's back.

"Ranko!! Get in here before you catch a cold!" I hear my sister calling from my home, a little ways away. She worries about me so much, sometimes, even to the point where she's made herself ill once or twice.

"I should go..." I declair reluctantly, starting to pull away from my love, resenting the rain. "All right.." Genrou replies sadly, pulling me into a hug, then slowly letting go. I begin to walk off, before stopping, and turning back to him.

"Is something the matter..?" He inquires, taking a few steps towards me, face filling with concern. Slowly, I reach out and wrap my arms around him tightly. "I want to stay.." I tell him, resting my head on his chest.

A gentle hand reaches under my chin, lifting my head up so that I look at my beloved. "Just a few minutes.." He tells me, leaning towards me. Our lips brush together, and suddenly, there is nothing else in the universe except for the two of us, and the lazy November rain.