There once were two twin sisters,
Who were also best of friends.
One had long hair of gold,
The other a long braid of red.
Although the girls looked different,
On the inside they were the same.
Their happiness, their sorrow,
Their pride, and even their shame.
One day the pig-tailed girl met a boy who hurt her,
Her heartbreak was quite bad.
She called out to her sister,
Whom in faith she had.
The sister, that day had chosen,
To go out and do her own thing,
She didn't hear her sister's cries,
Did not hear her pleas.
The blonde hair girl found her sister,
A few hours into the day,
The guilt and sorrow she had felt
Would not go away.
She should have been there for her twin,
She should have come to her aid.
Instead she had been playing,
Had gone her seperate way.
The blonde hair girl felt horrible,
She didn't know what to do.
Even though she could help heal the scratches,
For her sister's heart there was no glue.
Inside the girl felt guilt,
Like none she had ever felt before.
She had let her sister down
When she was counting on her the most.
There was nothing else that she could do,
Except hug her sister tight.
She tried to comfort her dearest twin,
All the way through the night.
The pig-tailed girl got better,
But at times her heart still sank.
But she never knew the pain inside,
That her sister always had.
Her sister worried herself,
Sometimes until she was ill.
But no matter what she did or said,
The pig-tailed girl was sad still.
Then one day, the younger twin,
Not knowing what to do,
Made a vow to herself,
That her own happiness was through.
Until her sister was happy again,
She would stay somber and sad.
She would focus all her energy,
On once again making her sister glad.
Sometimes things seem difficult,
But keep your head held high.
Because no matter what happens, Red,
Your sister's by your side.