The Mousse Mini-Shrine

Konnichi wa minna-san! And welcome to my small shrine dedicated to Mousse-sama! ^_^ I just love him, don't you? He's so dreaaaamy, and so kawaii!! Gotta love those eyes!
Mousse-sama is the practically blind cutie from Ranma Nibunnoichi who is in love with Shampoo-chan and is always chasing after her. Poor Mousse, to have been rejected by Shampoo so many times.. And then have her choose Ranma over him?! Die, Ranma, die! Shame on you! >P

Any questions? Comments? Send mail by clicking Here. Mousse-sama, dai suki!! ^_^

Oh yeah, before I forget, this page is dedicated to MuuTsu 2, because he's a sweetie, and hey-- gotta love Mousse, right?! ^_^

Shampoo? Is that you?

Did you know that Mousse-sama SINGS?! In fact, he even has a BAND!! Can you believe it!? ::giggles::

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Mousse has run into trees while chasing Shampoo! ^_^**

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Waiii!! Look at this cute duck I adopted! He looks so much like Mousse-sama.. so I named him Muu Muu-chan! ^_^ Isn't he just so cuuuuute?!
(Muu Muu-chan): Quack! *thinks, "I AM Mousse, you naive girl! If you would just stop swooning over me and get me some hot water!! Wait.. a cute girl swooning over me?! Maybe this isn't so bad after all.."*

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