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Anime Links

  • MadRanchan's Page! - Uh... I forget what it's really called.. but it kicks azz! :D:D:D Ranchan is my cream soda drinkin' partner in crime! Hee! Check out his page! It rules!!

  • Yuzu's Mika's MKR Page - This is my Imoutochan Mika's page. I have a sister? Yup, as a matter o' fact, I have three.. Want to learn about my sisters? Click here

  • Planet Gaea - My good friend Chris's page! (Yes, this is the Chris I have a shrine to. ^^)

  • Fan Art by Lyn Daniels - Lyn Daniels is a beautiful talented artist! Her page is a must see!

  • WishigStar's Anime Central - This girl is an aquaintance of mine from school. I introduced her to anime. It's a nice page to look at. It even has Leo DaCappuccino pictures. ::gag:: Er.. hehe, hi, Brandy .. I meant to say I... uh ... love ... Le..o... ::runs::

  • Juuhachigou's Place of Being - My Okaasan's page is one of the best out there! Fan art, backround about Juuhachigou, and even an ongoing fan-fic series, Dragonball Super Zed. A must see!

  • Meh-ri's Page O' Stuff - Meredith Laver is my good friend from Encinitas! She's a very talented artist, and princess of yaoi type stuff! Her pages are fun and Kamui-filled! She also has a section of fan-art by her very talented artist friend Amber!

  • AMATT - Mousse is so kawaii, nee? This is THE best Mousse page on the net! Like it says... All Mousse, All the Time!!

  • Kunoichi's Page - visit the Church of Ryouga! See the queen of Lemon-fics! Go now!

  • The Ranma Sound Shrine - This page has ALL the Ranma 1/2 music we'd ever want!

  • Visions of Things to Come - A site where we can see screen captures from episodes not yet released by Viz!

  • The Chichiri Shrine - A shrine to Chichiri (duh ^^;) maintained by Chichiri-chan. It is just soooo cute!! Chichiri-chan is the greatest! ^^

  • In The Land of The Blind, The One-Eyed Man Is King. - Chichiri no miko's dedication to Chichiri. It's just so kakkoi "no da!" *giggle*

  • E x t r e m e O r i o n - do you have any idea how frustrating it is to put spaces in between all the letters, Ian?! Erk... Nihao. ^^ This is a link to my kawaii little Ian's page! Better be nice to him, or I will be forced to hurt you. I mean that in the nicest way, of course. ^^ ... >=\

  • E x t r e m e R y o k o - Again with the many spaces thing! Oi vey! Anyway, Ryo the Ko has a really cool page! It's the shiznit! (That's a word I don't usually use... Oh well!) Go visit it now!

  • RankoRed's Cookie Empire - My other sister's page! Check it out! Definitely worth a look!

  • Sephiroth no Okouko - Or however you spell it. I think it's "Okouko".. I dunno. Anyway, it's a page dedicated to my second favorite video game character, Sephiroth! Now, all I need to do is find a shrine to Delita Hyral from Tactics, and I'll be in heaven. ^^

  • A Very Pathetic Webpage - Don't let the name fool you! Emily Gregg has a wonderful page, with lots of beautiful fan art! *sigh* She's so talented! Anyway, visit this page, because it's just too cool not to! ^^

  • Pherio's Anime Laughter Page - Anime.... Laughter... That's what it is. Also the largest Fuu image gallery.

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    The Big KiSS page - All the anime KiSS dolls you could want/need/ask for!


    Izam's Kawaii J-pop Culture Club thinggy! : This is my beloved friend Scott's page! He loves Izam! Who's Izam, you ask? Well, Izam is a purty guy who's a very popular J-pop singer guy for the band SHAZNA. :D I was the one who motivated Scott to make this page. In fact, I made this banner for him. Isn't it ugly? Gah. Oh well! It's not like I could do any better. I suck at everything I do. >.< Oh well! Anyway, go visit Scott's really awesome page! It's a must see for any J-pop fan (like myself. :D), or anyone who's curious about J-pop and stuff. And, it's got lotsa neat other stuff, too! You just *have* to go see! Go on! I mean, like... now!

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